Saturday, September 26, 2015

 This proud student from the Experiential Learning Program at Farmin-Stidwell Elementary School is quite the amazing guitar player. I had the opportunity to listen to him play this past week.
 There is lots of controversy these days around whether or not students should still learn handwriting in environments where keyboards are available for most students. In our district, kids learn to print, learn cursive handwriting, and learn how to keyboard as well! The students above are conscientiously learning their letters at Sagle Elementary School.
 Walking through classrooms, a common sight is to see our teachers working with small groups of students. These students at Southside Elementary School are getting focused instruction at their instructional level in the area of literacy. We are proud of the fact that in our district we move well beyond a one-size fits all approach. Whenever we can we tailor instruction to the individual needs of our students. Use of adaptive, instructional technology will continue to provide a big support in this area.
These first grade students at Washington Elementary School are immersed in a hands-on mathematics activity. In our classrooms, there is a good blend of activities to support procedural knowledge, conceptual knowledge, and math fluency.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Welcome Back to School!

Welcome back! We are looking forward to another exciting year of learning in the Lake Pend Oreille School District. It has been an exciting week and we were greeted with approximately 75 more students than we were last year at this time. The photo above shows board members from the Panhandle Alliance of Education (PAFE) serving Lake Pend Oreille School District staff members at the Welcome Back Breakfast. Thank you, PAFE!

This photo was taken last June at Southside Elementary School. The students were enjoying some end of the year games and activities. This just serves as a reminder that we love volunteers in our schools and we can pull off so many more things for our students with your help. If you are interested in volunteering either call the District Office at 263-2184 or stop in any of our schools for a volunteer packet.

It is always a pleasure being in classrooms and getting the chance to see our great teachers setting the tone for the school year. These students were spending time getting to know one another and their teacher during an activity a few days ago. The time spent facilitating the development of a high trust, respectful classroom pays dividends all year long!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Every Student, Every Opportunity, Every Day!

 These students happily demonstrated acute, obtuse, and right angles for me last week in Rochelle Chatburn's classroom. They were also pleased to show me their pet snakes! I got out of there rather quickly after that.
 It is wonderful to see our first grade students reading to each other. They are proud to show off their skills.
 The Sandpoint High School Interact Club put on a great lunch for local Rotarians this past week. This Rotary Member is shown making a donation to the Interact Club.
Many of our students were working on Mother's Day creations last week. Check out the fine motor skills of this first grader in Marcia Wanous's classroom!
 Farmin-Stidwell's Experiential Learning Program teamed up with the local Elks Club and Master Gardeners to create raised gardens last week. A great example of our super community support!
 Washington Elementary School had a STEM celebration last week. Students were engaged in many activities throughout the day related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  These students were showing me the results of their squid dissection.

Another Mother's Day creation shown by these Hope Elementary students. In my visits to the schools, I love the fact that our students are so willing and proud to share what they are doing.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Learning in Action

The students at Sandpoint High School did a great job getting our elementary students excited about Science a few weeks back. Their presentations were engaging, motivating, and informative!

These first grade students from Hope Elementary School hardly noticed me walk into the classroom. They were enjoying a wonderful activity with their teacher.
The third grade classrooms at Kootenai Elementary School spent several weeks studying the solar system. This student was proud to show off her knowledge and understanding. She was very articulate and obviously hit the learning target.

Friday, March 6, 2015

These eager kindergarten students from Kootenai Elementary School enjoyed showing me their letter knowledge. They were tracing letter shapes and words in containers of dry rice.
 I have the distinct pleasure of teaching a 6-week Junior Achievement class to students at Sandpoint Middle School. This morning, they were learning about creating budgets based on various career income levels.
Watch out! The volleyball actually ended up hitting one of the actors/athletes from Sandpoint High School. It was all part of a promotional video being developed for the upcoming "Ironman" Volleyball game.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Happy Friday!

 I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful artwork displayed down at the Pend Oreille Arts Council on Monday evening. Student work from across the district was highlighted. This piece of art was done by a student from Sandpoint Middle School.
 Steve Miller, Physical Education Teacher at Hope Elementary, has students cross-country skiing on a regular basis. The students were eager to show off their skills this past week!
These young students really enjoyed the snow day last Friday. They were busy sharing their Bulldog pride!

Thanks for supporting education in our community. Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy New Year!

 I thoroughly enjoy my visits to the preschool program at Farmin-Stidwell Elementary School. The students were busy trying different methods to build the tallest brick towers this past week. I thought their problem solving was excellent!
 Moose Madness was a rousing success and the Sandpoint High School Bulldogs brought back the antlers! I appreciated the wonderful school and community spirit exhibited during the basketball games and events.
Thank you to our instructional coaches for providing a writing workshop for our teachers over the last two days. Thanks also to our teachers in attendance. I really appreciate the commitment to continuously improving the art and science of teaching.

Have an awesome weekend!